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Oconee Summer Volunteer Program


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OSVP would like to thank the following:

Mrs. Patsy Aultman - Our faculty liaison to Oconee County High School, Mrs. Aultman was instrumental in helping Devin and Karl get OSVP started.

Ms. Kit Holmes - Ms. Holmes was a great part of our experience at the "Ashford Manor On the Lawn" concert series during the 2001 season. A local music producer, she used her producing skills to show us how to setup and breakdown for concerts.

Mr. Russel Lee - Our liaison to the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Lee has been a wonderful help in getting OSVP various contacts and volunteer projects within the community.
Ms. Dorann Mansberger - Principal of the Oconee County Elementary School's 2002 Summer School, Ms. Mansberger gave us the privelege of working with her faculty and children.

Mrs. Judy Marable - Our liaison to the Oconee County Elementary School's Summer School, Mrs. Marable was invaluable in coordinating our tutoring in her summer program during the 2001 season. 

Dave and Jim Shearon and Mario Castro of Ashford Manor - We help these great guys run their monthly community concerts and benefits. They own and operate the lovely bed-and-breakfast Ashford Manor in Watkinsville, Georgia and have helped us so much with finding projects and even possible job opportunities for some of our volunteers.
Mark Cooper Smith, owner and operator of Full Moon Studios -  Mr. Smith produces the 2002 "Ashford Manor on the Lawn" concert series.  

Mrs. Debra Stephens - Mrs. Stephens is not only Devin's mother but was our contact with the faculty of the Oconee County Middle and High Summer Schools during the 2001 season...

and, of course, we would like to thank our families, friends, members, and supporters.

(more people on the way!)

Oconee Summer Volunteer Program, Oconee County, Georgia, USA 30621

Last updated Wednesday, June 11th, 2002