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Oconee Summer Volunteer Program


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The Oconee Summer Volunteer Program solemnly and actively believes in the following:

Always more being added...
If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?
If not for any other reason than there is a need for change and we have the power to do it, then why?
(a modification of a quotation attributed to both Ronald Reagan and Rabbi Heilman)
Tutoring children is an investment in the future.  By helping struggling kids succeed, you give them confidence and skills they need to be healthy, productive humans and citizens.  By creating healthy, productive citizens, you make a stronger, healthier government, culture and society.  Also, by tutoring, you too will learn and become a healthier person. 
Compassion, tolerance, wisdom and personal productivity are not just virtues, they are skills and talents that are honed with use.

Oconee Summer Volunteer Program, Oconee County, Georgia, USA 30621
Last updated Wednesday, June 11th, 2002